Your Oral Diktion Academy (Y.O.D.A.) welcomes Kevin Morgan, President/CEO of Proliteracy.org

Welcome to the Commencement Ceremonies of Your Oral Diktion Academy (Y.O.D.A.) - Written and Spoken Word Education to Empower and Inspire

Beginning in August, we are teaching Literacy Education

Kevin Morgan has served on the ProLiteracy board of directors since 2007. He was appointed interim President and CEO in November 2012, and became permanent President and CEO in February 2014.

He has led the restructure of the organization and the development of a new strategic plan to better serve the mission of developing and promoting adult literacy learning, content, programs, and advocacy.

Kevin has an extensive background in marketing and has worked on a wide variety of leading global and domestic brands including MasterCard, Agilent Technologies, Maxtor, Nissan, and Six Flags.

Kevin holds a bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University and a master’s from the Keller Graduate School in Chicago.

Each month a different Literacy - from Adult and Children's Literacy to Economic and accurate, Historical Literacy

Each week is a new course and materials


Keynote Speakers


Literary Labs

Author's Cyphers

Of course - POETRY!!!!


Aacademy line 516.666.9808, Press #1

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