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The Message To The black Woman In America - Jonah Sanders

The black woman in America has been considered secondary, a step behind the man yet, she has been the one who has always been on the front line for social justice and the strongest of freedom fighters. This is such a reality that some, especially some black women have forgotten this therefore, this book is a simple reminder.



The Player in Me 2 - Hezekiah Morris

As the old saying goes, "Don’t hate the player hate the game." Part two of The Player In Me explodes into your lap, with sex, lies and deceit. Z is at again letting his promiscuous ways take control. This raw and uncut book will send chills up and down your spine for days. As old flings resurface and new bones are carried. Emotions are put to the test and Z must choose between the woman he loves or his sexual needs. The game has changed when an old foe enter's the scene and it’s every man for himself.




Loving The Jekyll (Once Upon A Villain Season 2 Book 7) - Sonja B.

Brief Bio: The Man

Though he’s always had it rough, Isak Jekyll tries to live an honorable life. But it seems the entire world is against him. He’s haunted by the sins of his father. Because of those sins, enemies from his past are stalking him, trying to get the secret formula his father entrusted him with. Then there’s the beast who resides inside of him, a separate entity, who is hell bent on destroying everything and everyone around them. Then Chasity Nichols enters his life and everything changes. But is she for him or against him? Only time will tell.



Grindstone 4 Life: The Unauthorized Truth - Aquil Ali

A story about Philadelphia's underground secret world of sex, drugs and murder.

Thru the eyes of the “Grindstone Crew” an after-hours "Go-Go" hot spot for celebrities, athletes, hustlers battling poverty, rival Crews, Police and the Horrors of ...."The Go-go Killer" Part One.



Never Again, No More (Urban Renaissance) - Author Untamed

Born and raised in Atlanta, Lucinda, LaMeka, Charice, and Trinity are best friends who all have suffered the perils of teen pregnancy. With their dreams and ambitions on hold, they struggle to find themselves and survive this game called life. Despite their efforts, the decisions they make create more trouble, and the consequences prove to be costlier than they ever could have imagined.



Appearances: a novel by K.Reshay

Brief synopsis: Maya seems to have the perfect life. She is a successful real estate agent. She has a handsome fiancé, Steven. She even has a fun and supportive best friend, Toni. Little do her friends realize, however, that Maya is living a lie. Secretly, she’s miserable—and it’s all Toni’s fault.

Toni stole the love of Maya’s life and had the gall to marry him. Although ecstatic to have Ty as her husband, Toni knows their relationship will never be truly free of Maya. Her own feelings of guilt prevent her fully letting Maya go, forcing the two women to play a perverse game of keeping up appearances while they secretly hate each other.




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