Tuyeni Akanke The Master Educator & crew to feature on The Aquil Ali Show with April J

The Aquil Ali Show with April J. powered by Black Love Poetry Series "Your Spoken-word Network" Presents featured artist: Tuyeni Akanke The Master Educator

Brief Bio: Tuyeni ( too-yay-nee) Akanke (ah-kahn-kay) The Master Educator. is a 32 year old Chicago native, performer and lighthouse. Spoken word is one of Tuyeni Akanke’s many gifts. She also serves as the founder of Truth Inspires You Education Consulting, and Co-Founder of The Healing Academy, an online school and 501c3 community development organization. Not only is she a humble leader, Tuyeni Akanke is an inspiring holistic educator, multidisciplinary artist, motivational speaker, published author and trauma-healing life coach. It all started with a pen, pad and passion. Writing led Tuyeni Akanke to artistry as a poet and spoken-word artist. She learned early to allow her passion and pain to speak through prose and poetry. She now uses writing as more than a trauma identifier, but as a trauma healer too.

"Cypher" Natalie Battle Dionne Victoria Sacred Woman Tatiana MaMaali

Nov. 3rd 8PM Eastern

Studio Number 516-666-9808 Blogtalkradio.com Iheartradio spotify Zoom Credentials https://us02web.zoom.us/j/2681495740... Fblive: Raw Footage Public taping for our RokuTV

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