If you can, after reading this close your eyes and allow your imagination to take you to a dimly light lit room. where you are in the audience looking at a stage where a 5 foot 10 Chocolate Caramel Mocha skin Brotha is standing at the front paw of a Black bearskin rug behind a Gold retro microphone underneath a Purple spotlight, dressed in a White tailor-made suit with a crisp light Red in color dress shirt (two buttons open of course) wearing Black casual dress sneakers.

 Internationally Known Comedian Rodney Perry will be at The Kafe sittin' in The Poet's Pit to spit LIVE. Before he introduces the featured artist for the evening and the spotlight shifts to a Gold retro microphone that sits at the head of that bearskin rug and a Brown-skin figure wearing braids is standing there who is a Chicago Native, 2019 Trumphet Award Performing, Essence Festival, Indiana Historical Society, The Blue Room and American Jazz Museum in Kansas City, Cincinnati’s Arnoff Theater, Phoenix Arizona's Fox Theater, Atlanta's Sweet Auburn Music Festival 2012,  Chicago's House of Blues performing, season 3 Verses and Flow appearing, Spokes Model for Copper Candy Jewelry Designs and Say Ashe Boutique, "Broken Tables" and "Educated Gangster 101" actress, Recording Artist that begins to give you this joint. (this is the moment that you close your eyes and listen before you read any further)...

You don't have to imagine it, if you join us this Thursday July 9th from 7pm-9pm EST. You can witness it live as Theresa Tha S.O.N.G.B.I.R.D. will be The Featured Artist for the evening at The Beautiful Soul Kafe on Blogtalkradio.com or call 516-666-9808 (press 1 to speak) so you don't miss the FIRE-WORDS that will create FIRE-WORKS with FIRE-WORTH.. Brought to you LIVE only on The Black Love Poetry Series Network your Spokenword Network where Black Love Is All Love.


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