Good morning Good morning 😁 Today is the day, yessss "Pick A Poet Showcase" Sunday. Come come come join us for some family friendly poetry from some phenomenal poets Including Myself and my Partner n Rhyme. Come and enjoy our Picks for this week, Then stick around as the mic's open up for all the amazing poets from all over to come and spit a piece. 7pm EST 6pm CST Call 516-666-9808 press 1 Or log in to Blogtalkradio.com Alright See You There #BlackLovePoetrySeries #BlackLoveIsAllLove

We are here EACH AND EVERY SUNDAY night to bring to you some of greatest family friendly Clean and I reiterate Clean wholesome Poetry.  So, sit back and enjoy this jam packed 2-hours event of poetry right here.  The first hour as we feature our two Pick A Poets of the night. Then we will open the lines for callers in the second hour to spit a clean and again I will have to reiterate this is a Clean Family Friendly piece. 

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