"The Power of the Black Dollar" ~The Black Love Theory

Our Show Topic is "The Power of the Black Dollar" ~The Black Love Theory

Blessings Brother s and Sisters Welcome to the melting pot of intellectual thought and conscience poetry. We at black love poetry series call this "Intellectual gumbo" in-depth conversations follow by the dopest conscience open mic on blogtalkradio every 1st and 3rd Friday 8pm eastern 7pm Central only on "Your Spoken-Word Network" Where black love is all love all around the worldA few topics we'll address

1. The Strength of Our Unified Dollar!

2. How do we take our Powerful Dollar vacation?

3. Do We Trust One Another with our Black Dollar?

4. How can we build that Black Dollar Trust?

Guest hosts: Aquil Ali and BornToWrite

Panelist: Dr. Dashaunda Turner  and Kevin Higgins

Live on Blogtalkradio.com

Call studio line 516.666.9808

Press #1 to join the conversation

Only on Black Love Poetry Series Network, Where Black Love is all Love

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