The iconic William "Wah Wah" Washington takes Centerstage at BornToWrite Variety Show

Only onthe Black Love Poetry Series Network, Where Black Love is all Love....

BornToWrite the Poet welcomes the iconic William "Wah Wah" Washington to our poetic theater located in the center of Chocolate Nation.

Our topic for his artist highlight is "The Power of a Father's Love."

The title of our Poetic Skit is "A Mother's Redemption" as the twist will be Mommy's Dear John letter. Mama was to busy fulfilling her dreams and chasing other men to nurture their son Art.

So Frank played by William did what men should do and raised his son attempting to fill both times in Arts life as Mother and Father.

Hosted by Lydia "BornToWrite" Cook Tune into Blogtalkradio.com, LIVE at 8 pm EST

Call the Theatre line 516.666.9808 Press #1 to join the conversation

Black Love Poetry Series - Your Spoken-Word Network

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