The Commonwealth of Hip Hop Court...

Black Love Poetry Series Network presents The Commonwealth of Hip Hop Court, the Honorable Judge Aquil Ali is presiding.

Defendant: Graphene

Celeb Jurors: Frank “GL” Hatchett, aka DJ GIT LOOSE Blizzy Beats Mr. Wispers

Baliff: AJ Armstrong

Live on Blogtalkradio.com, live link here: http://tobtr.com/s/11797719

Re-broadcasted on RokuTV

Tonight at 8 pm EST Studio line 516.666.9808, press #1 to speak Only on Black Love Poetry Series Network, Where Black Love is all Love #blacklovepoetryseries #blackpoetry

Defendant taking the stand: Graphene

Graphene is a 22-year-old hip hop/rap artist from Flint, MI. who feels that he has a one-of-a-kind story to go along with one-of-a-kind music. Recently graduating from an Ivy League school where, he played football, he has always loved music. He started taking the music more seriously over quarantine when his football dreams came to a halt. A true believer in the power of music and sound, Graphene tries to harness that power to create something beautiful, taking a lot of pride in his lyricism and storytelling ability. His first project BLACK BOY dropped August 9th -- a day after his friend Gabe died. The theme of the project is the idea of life as a black boy in America being a beautiful struggle. This is dedicated to him and everyone else we have lost too soon. This project was created at home with just a microphone and computer. Black Love Poetry Series family, defendant Graphene.

Our third Juror is B.L.P.S very own Mr. Wispers:

Hailing from the Bronx in New York, Timothy Proctor was born on January 16, 1973. "Mr. Wispers" was a childhood nickname turned pen name when he picked up the artful skill of writing short stories and raps at age 12. Although he is still very much so a hiphop head, Timothy also loves R&B and all that captures the 70s time period as well.

Timothy began ghostwriting at 16yrs old and eventually, became a ghostwriter of poetry to well known actors and actresses in Hollywood, CA. He also began honing his poetic skills as a performing artist at the world-renowned Nuyurican Cafe in New York as Mr. Wispers, spitting with the greats like Jill Scott, Common, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Emerald Green, The Twins, Tommy Bottoms, and Ed Mavery before they were famous.

Timothy later moved from New York to Boca Raton, Florida in 2001, where only a few years later, took up residence in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, officially becoming a Spoken Word Artist and performed his first open mic feature in 2004. He'd also taken his craft with him to Hollywood, FL and opened for singer Lenny Williams in Plantation, FL in 2006. A heavy advocate for victims of domestic violence, Timothy has also performed for domestic violence shelters in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 2007.

Mr. Wispers is currently whispering yet another poetry album entitled "Genesis 1:16". Go look that up - his goal is to be a star. Always here as BLPS family is the other the Baritones of Blogtalk, Mr. Wispers

Celebrity Juror #2: Ray Blizzy has produced hit songs for many elites. In 1994, starting as a DJ and producer of Prolificent, he established many contacts and worked on many projects with a variety of artists. After 19 years of doing beats, he created Blizzy Beatz in 2014. All Ray Blizzy’s hip-hop beats have their own unique sound that you won't find anywhere else. Ray Blizzy’s style of production epitomizes the New York sound of his earlier peers. He is known for sampling jazz, funk, and soul artists, as well as sampling an artist's past work when creating a new track for that same artist. Ray Blizzy was recently named one of Fash.com Best DJs. As he continues his career, this is a great opportunity to get fresh, off the press beats that would be perfect for your next project!

As a DJ Ray Blizzy creates his infectious musical blend with a mix of crowd favorites and unexpected hits. He hooks audiences by linking current music with favorites from decades past, what he calls “musical time travel”. He is known for keeping party-goers on their feet all night long. Ray's digital MP3 library includes a collection of over 10,000 hits from the '40s to the current Top 40. A great DJ for any group, he is a high-energy, multi-talented DJ who will get your guests up and dancing. Welcoming back to the BLPS family, celeb juror #2…Blizzy Beats

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