The Co-Founder of Def Poetry Jam is coming to The Aquil Ali Show with April J June 24th at 8pm EST..

Bruce George Bruce is a visionary, entrepreneur, speaker, author, panelist, executive producer, writer, poet, consultant and social activist. He was born and raised in New York City. He has written poetry/prose & articles for over 37 years. His work has been published in major magazines, anthologies, and literary publications. He has written testimonials from the likes of Essence Magazine, Emerge Magazine, Class Magazine, Harlem River Press etc…  

Bruce has won multiple poetry & talent contests. He has won several awards such as a “Peabody Award” for “Russell Simmons Presents, Def Poetry (HBO)”, a “Miky Award” for “Russell Simmons Presents, Def Poetry Jam (HBO)”, an “Upscale Showcase Award”, a “Trail Blazer Award” etc… for his outstanding vision, production, writing and performance.   Bruce is the Co-Founder of the critically acclaimed award winning “Russell Simmons’s Def Poetry Jam.”  He’s also the Founder/Managing Editor of “The Bandana Republic, an Anthology of Poetry & Prose by Gang Members & Their Affiliates.”  

Bruce is the Founder of the “Genius is Common” Movement and coiner of the slogan “Genius is Common” which fosters self-esteem in the youth, by them coming to the realization that they each have a creative genius seed in them.  As an activist Bruce has been and currently is associated with major grassroots organizations that fosters and uplifts people in struggle.

Bruce conducts creative writing/performance poetry workshops for colleges/universities/organizations nationally and internationally, and he’s an Executive Consultant for multiple organizations.

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