The Anti-Battle Returns Friday October 30

Friday October 30, 2020 8pm eastern

The Anti-Battle Returns

On The Black Love Poetry Series Network

These outstanding artists face off to uplift, educate and share their testimony in a lyrical way

Breeze vs. Hoodraised will enter 3 rounds of competition and the winner takes all.

We're asking everyone to donate to the winner's pot at $blacklovepoetry.

If you can appreciate uplifting hip-hop you're gonna love this!

Please support these awesome lyricists and may the best man spread his message.

We are broadcasting live on:


Studio hotline: 516-666-9808

Raw footage will be streamed live on:


Replays available:

Spotify, Iheatradio and www.blacklovepoetryseries.com

Only on Black Love Poetry Series Network

Where Black Love is All Love

Where my Genius is Common

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