Serena ButtaFli Brown lands at The Flame Within

The Flame Within, host Mr. Wispers & Aquil Ali the Soul Poet Wednesday, Sept. 9th at 8 pm EST

Brief Bio: Serena ButtaFli Brown A native of Memphis, TN She’s blessed to be the mother of two wonderful and creative children. Serena goes by the name of: "ButtaFli" as well as "Scorpion" Along with some other loving names given to her by the poetry community. She is mostly known for her erotic expressions of poetry, yet her pen is strong in every genre... She is a member of "Team Hungrrry" and “Epiphany Radio" .Serena became a member of Afrosistrics under Team Hungrrry. which was created by the late King Kaiju Wilson, creator of Team Hungrrry. 

They had a poetry show that ran on Talk Shoe Radio a few years ago. She has served as a co-host on BSR, EAT Network and assisted temporarily as a co-host on DSR. Serena is also the host on Epiphany Radio's "Poetic Inc", led by Forreal The Poet. She  had to take a break from the show due to some of life’s issues, but the show is not over.  

Serena has been featured on a few great poetry shows throughout the years and she is currently working on a couple of tracks and her goal is to finally get a book out. 

Serena explains poetry as: A release of inner expressions emotions spiritually  fantasy anger sex romance love beauty... An outlet for those to hear and speak independently...

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