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May's Artist of the month Adrienne Hampton is a true Renaissance woman and her inspiration stems from a variety of “arts” through the years. She has learned how to incorporate her many skills which allowed her to use them to her advantage. Because of Adrienne’s singing versatility and her variety of singing styles, she enjoys performing music such as, RnB, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Gospel, Country, Blues, Reggae, and Big Band music.

Adrienne prefers marketing herself as a “Multi- Versatile Artist”. While other children were playing with dolls, she would spend her time mimicking different singers such as, Diana Ross, Le Ann Rimes, Donna Summer, and Etta James and has recently fallen in love with Corrine Bailey Rae, Nora Jones, Led Zeppelin and others. It all began when she was a very young and shy little girl. She would sing in front of the mirror when no one was around. It allowed her to portray different singers and express herself. This is where she found her happiness! When Adrienne finally had the courage to share her talents with her parents they immediately began supporting her and encouraged her to sing at school. Adrienne sang on the choir in Elementary and Junior High and High School. Adrienne had a singing role at her high school Graduation.

After graduating, her passion for the arts eventually led her to become an entrepreneur in entertainment where she began writing her own music and performing for family and small functions. After having her children Adrienne decided to take a break until her kids grew older. While home raising her children Adrienne taught herself how to draw cartoon characters and began designing themes for children’s room. She later volunteered for the School District of Philadelphia and took her art to the classrooms. Later on, Adrienne enrolled in college, majoring in ECE and began teaching at her children’s school. In 1998, Adrienne began performing with local bands and worked with her oldest son Jarren “AKA” Dunny to help launch his own Entertainment Company called J. Dunny Productions Inc. Jarren is presently a musician, a music producer and song writer. Adrienne later received her Bachelor's Degree in Business and learned how to copyright music.

She eventually went to John Robert Powers Modeling School to enhance her musical performance. Around this time, she began taking acting classes, voice over lessons, and learned how to walk the runway. In 2000, Adrienne graduated and entered talent competitions held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. She won 1st place for: singing; voice over; and commercial. She also placed 3rd in make-up and sports. After the competition she received an impressive 30 call backs from Modeling Agencies and was hired to work for HBM Management, where she started modeling professionally in New York City. Adrienne had the honor of working with Hilary Beckford and under her study learnt how to incorporate acting with modeling and singing. Adrienne has modeled for, Pepsi Co. at the Philadelphia Convention Center; Modeled at the Philadelphia Convention Center led by major stars and hosted modeling jobs hired by Valerie Joyner Modeling Agency from New Orleans and others. Years after leaving behind her singing, modeling and acting dreams Adrienne finds herself taking another short break. It had become overwhelming traveling back and forth to New York every day and caring for teenage children.

She returned to school and received her Master’s Degree as an Instructional Designer and began designing curriculums. A true musician never really takes a break. Adrienne had wonderful opportunities playing for Local Philadelphia and Wedding bands such as, Contagious Party Band, 2 C Q Jazz Band, Ivan Taube Orchestra and is presently working with “The First Ladies of Rock and Soul”. In 2010, Adrienne was hired to work with a 13 piece orchestra and began portraying “Diana Ross” and has had wonderful opportunities to sing background for Felix Cavalier, Bobby Rydell, The Dupree’s and others. In 2019, Adrienne performed for a Peace Rally singing on a Mass Choir for Dionne Warwick, Hezekiah Walker, Yolanda Adams and others. Adrienne is soon to start her own band, “Sapphire Faded Genes” Band”. She will begin incorporating her own music while her son will have the opportunity to produce her material. Adrienne feels it is time for the world to see what she has to offer. She believes that music makes people happy and that’s what she enjoys most of all.

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