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Hoss Stuckey, a panther shifter and part owner of Sultry Ink, is the gentle giant of the family. He loves hard and fights even harder for his family. He’s always had Blu and the rest of the family’s back, but who will have his back when everything he thought he knew about his past is questioned? He’s yearned for his True Mate and wonders when the Gods will bless him with her. What’s going to happen when he finds out that she’s been right there with him all along?

Reign Summers, a lynx shifter and total badass has lived a very hard life, from being homeless, almost kidnapped, and arrested. When she’s given the opportunity to change her life around, she jumps on it with the quickness. Now she’s a part of the Devil Wolves Pack. She has the family she’s craved for all her life. but she’s keeping something from them. Danger snakes its way back into her life. To overcome it, Reign will need to lean on her new family for help.

As always there is never a dull moment with the Sultry Ink family. Follow Hoss, Reign, and the rest of the family in this action packed tale of heartbreak, betrayal, redemption and of course that heat only True Mates can bring out of each other.

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"Sultry Ink Series" from Sonja B

"The Salvant Brothers" Series by Sonja B

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