Redz The Afro Latina spices up The Aquil Ali Show with April J

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Presents featured artist: Redz

Diane Isabel Torres was born on November 10, 1986 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. She was the middle child to five siblings. Diane has always loved music. From taking piano lessons at age seven to performing in school and talent shows. Because her parents were Dominican Republic, growing up in New Hampshire was a struggle for her. Diane’s first language was Spanish, she learned English at the age of eight. She formed dance clubs and started dance battles in underage night clubs.

Diane always had a vision of the limelight. Her vision of becoming a dancer was short lived, for unforeseen circumstances. Being a young mother, she took on odd jobs. At the age of twenty- seven, she moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She caught her big break when she performed her first single, La Negra. From there, she began her career as a Afro Latino performer in the United State. Diane made herself known thought-out the underground music scene and on the indie circuit throughout her early career. She’s now making waves with new music with a sassy sound and a grown fanbase.

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