Power to the Poets: Vote for Change presents "The Emmett Till Trilogy"

Poetess April J. Armstrong is a South Carolina-based poet, voice-over narrator, and entrepreneur. The author of the poetry collection, A Glass Mirror, April is also the radio/TV host of “Your Oral Diktion” at Black Love Poetry Series.

Aquil Ali is a proud father of five daughters, one son, and five grands. He is a 30 year veteran of poetry and radio, CEO/Founder of Black Love Poetry Series, host of The Aquil Ali Show with April J., and Honorable Judge Aquil Ali on Hip Hop Court. Owner of Tri-State Dental Lab, in business now for over 50 years, he is also the author of Grindstone 4 Life and Memoirs of a 3x Ex-husband. Currently, Aquil is working on the next Black Love Poetry Series Network endeavors, including getting back into the studios at PeopleTV 24 Channel in Atlanta.

Emunah The Poetess is a wife and mother of 2 and loves all forms of writing, but takes a special interest in poetry. She hopes to become a published author one day and has surpassed her goal of writing 1000 poems. https://www.blacklovepoetryseries.com

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