Polyphonic Studios, new family sponsor to Black Love Poetry Series Network

Polyphonic Studios is a state-of-the-art recording studio and content creation company located in Bourne MA.

They specialize in the production of music, podcasts, audiobooks, voice-overs, and sound design for film and video.

They firmly stand by the motto, “You’re gonna love the way you sound.”

Polyphonic Studios was created by and for audiophile producers, engineers, and musicians, with a custom built system design to create sound recordings of the absolute highest quality.

They are equipped to work with everybody from voice actors, singers, bands, music producers, podcasters, and record labels. T

hey also offer a range of remote services including mixing, mastering, and editing via Dropbox, WeTransfrer and Google Drives.

They are offering a remote mastering deal where you can get 5 tracks mastered for the cost of three and 9 mastered for the cost of 6.

Right now, They are offering free mastering on a track to six people in exchange for an endorsement to include on our website as well as 30 second before and after samples.

Http://polyphonicstudios.com Facebook and IG: @polyphonicstudio

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