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Hi my name is PhillyPlex and welcome to my bio. My name is Abdul, I was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I grew up in West Philadelphia and graduated from West Philadelphia high school. I started rapping at the age of 12 years old, free styling with Friends and on online voice chat. Also, I would freestyle in cafeteria lunch rooms with other peers. My music career didn’t officially start until I turned 19 and I was stationed In Okinawa Japan in the United States Air Force. When I was stationed overseas I constructed my own studio and begin recording music. After about a year I got the opportunity to open for American hip-hop Acts.  I collaborated with a company called positive productions and I became an opening act for artists such as, T pain, Sierra, Ginuwine, chingy, Lloyd Banks,Hurricane Chris, D4L and many others. now in 2020 I’m currently working on a new album entitled the revolution is here, it is a conscious positive uplifting rap album. That I feel is desperately needed in these days and times. The name PhillyPlex is short for the word complex, meaning the Philly complex of multiple slavery plantations they have all came here through the Underground Railroad. Which has compounded the effects of slavery in this city. My musical intention is to teach people to trust each other again, learn to work together again, and to admire and uplift each other rather than tear each other down.The word complex also refers to for example when someone says a person has a skin complex meaning they’re insecure about themselves because of their skin color I eat too dark or too light. And my music I discussed the sort of issues. Follow me on Instagram at Phillyplex


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