“MasterChef Gary” makes Valentine's Day healthy and special

Save your love one! The Aquil Ali show with April J presents Tuesday Feb 9th 8pm eastern Pre-valentine dinner with Chef Gary

Brief Bio: “MasterChef Gary,” is the alter ego of entrepreneur and Black Men In America.com Founder & Publisher Gary Johnson. Gary markets himself as a “Self-Certified” Cucumber & Tomato Specialist and the self-proclaimed Director of International Sales & Marketing for the All-in-One Master Tonic. Don't get it twisted! MasterChef Gary can cook! He is best known for his "MasterChef Gary Premium Organic Seasoning" featuring his "Original Cucumber and Tomato Recipe" and his Spicy "Vu-Doo" (Michelle inspired) seasonings. (Scroll down to read the inspiration for the "Vu-Doo" seasoning).He's featuring the gift of healthy cooking. He'll be using proven ingredients that lowers blood pressure, relieves gout and helps controls blood sugar. Blogtalkradio.com Zoom for FB Live Studio Line 516.666.9808, press #1 Only on Black Love Poetry Series, Where Black Love is all Love

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