Kiki Lauderdale features on The Aquil Ali Show with April J

The New Year is looking bright already. The Aquil Ali Show With April J Armstrong Featured Artist: Kiki Lauderdale January 5th 2021 8PM Eastern 7PM Central

Features Kiki Lauderdale and guests Solomon Paulk, Joe L. Williams, and Jaylon Cummins

Brief bio: Alkini Lauderdale- {al / Kani}-A peaceful beautiful flower Writing was simply a question of following her way along the path that destiny had selected for her. Her ability to write is the natural result of a fascination for storytelling. Kiki would forge stories into-written chains that would captivate those who followed them as well as inspire them to accomplish goals for a cause in which all writers alike believe. Her intent is to inspire and become more of a productive writer by incorporating the elements of a true writer, to capture the audience’s attention completely and practice applying the analyzed components of her own style to communicate her work.

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