Hip-Hop Court Returns with The Motown Edition & Defendant John Carr

December 4th 8PM Eastern

Hip-Hop Court Returns


Studio Number 516-666-9808

Brenda Wilson Juror 1

Brenda Wilson is an entrepreneur with over 27 years; of experience in the music

industry as a producer of live shows, vocalist and talent scout: She is the daughter the

late international recording legend Jackie Wilson. Brenda is the CEO of Jackie Wilson

Foundation, Inc Non-Profit organization. She is founder of God In Me (G.I.M.) Production

Company. Owner of OoWee Homemade Ice Cream. Brenda has been producing live

shows since 1990, she created, promoted and produced Apollo Live of Michigan, Brenda

Wilson and Friends Offsprings of Legends- Groupin It Up; Showcase, Offsprings of

Legends TV Show and Wilson Entertainment Group, Inc. She created these entities to

give a platform and opportunities for youth and young adults to showcase their raw

talent in the entertainment and music industry in front of live audiences.

Brenda's works include: Jackie Wilson Tributes, Celebrity Judge for talent showcases.

Brenda has worked with many well-known celebrities including Hollywood

Actor/Producer Robert Townsend, Dick Clark, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Montel Williams,

Good Times& Actress BernNadette Stanis, Gospel Recording Artists: The Clark Sisters,

Take Six, Bishop Rance Allen, Legendary The Contours, The Stubbs Girls, Legendary

James Brown, David Washington/TV Unsung, The Legendary Group -The Fantastic Four,

Rob Carter, Mary Wilson of the Supremes, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Phase Five

and Producer David Usher. Brend's interviewed and hosted the Legendary Girls Group

Xscape and Offsprings of Legends such as; Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Willie Dixon, David

Ruffin, Enchantment, Detroit Most Wanted Rappers, Marvin Gaye, Berry Gordy, Lou

Rawls, Freddy Pride, Guitarist Billy Davis, and many, many more.

Furthermore, Brenda has a history over the past 27 years for successful production of

talent showcases, plays, and concerts for live audiences. This track record is the primary

reason JWF needs to establish the Jackie Wilson Performing Arts Theatre - for continued


Thelma Stubbs-Mitchell Juror 2

Thelma Stubbs-Mitchell is the lead and background vocalist of the quintet

Stubbs Girls group with her four nieces. She is the writer of two of the songs on their CD

Here We Are”, on Atlanta’s Label of Crew Entertainment (owned by Butch Birch and William

Guest of the Motown group Gladys Knight and the Pips.) Her vocals range from Frank Sinatra,

Louis Armstrong to Sam Cook. She even mimics the sounds of the Legendary Little Richard

and Chubby Checker. She tends to appeal to the more mature audience because of her nostalgic

singing. Thelma is also the sister of two renowned singers -- the Legendary Levi Stubbs, lead

singer of the 4 Tops and Joe Stubbs, Lead singer of the Falcons and Contours. As a small child,

she grew up with such singers as Little Willie John, Marv Johnson and her cousin, Jackie

Wilson. Growing up with such great singers and entertainers, she aspired to keep their music

going even until now because their music is timeless.

Thelma’s performances include the casinos (namely Motor City Casino Sound

Board Club), supper clubs, schools, nursing homes, for Judges, Mayors, and Governors. Her

group performed for Teddy Riley’s Las Vegas Show with Faith Evans to an audience of a

10,000 plus. Her group is especially known for their various renditions of the Motown Sound.

She is on the Board of the Jackie Wilson Foundation and is owner of the All Care Team, Inc., a

business that takes care of the elderly.

Thelma really deserve recognition because she has really worked hard at her

craft throughout the years -- keeping the Stubbs Legacy alive! She is in the process of writing

the Stubbs Music Legacy Memoirs.

Jequita "Jaiy" Hodges Juror 3

Jequita "Jaiy" Hodges was born in Highland Park, Michigan, a resident of Detroit over 50 years. She is the daughter of Joe Thomas of the Enchantment, growing up in a musical family Micheal Stokes, Eddie Kendricks and Reginald Thomas of the Motown Posse

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