Goddess Warrior brings "Poems & Petty Shit" to The Aquil Ali Show

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"The Conversation"

Presents featured artist: Goddess Warrior

Dianna Tyler also known as Goddess Warrior The Poet developed the courage to openly speak about the pain she spilled through her pen 2012. She is a domestic violence survivor. She endured the great loss of both parents as a result of it. For nearly a decade Goddess Warrior has advocated against not only domestic violence but violence of all kinds. From gun violence to sexual abuse she has captivated audiences with her powerful performances. She uses the gift of spoken word poetry to be an example of faith, strength, determination and the sheer will to never give up. After starting out at one of the most infamous open mics in Chicago, At Ease Sunday’s, Goddess Warrior The Poet has now become a trailblazer in her own right.

Goddess Warrior The Poet has a mantra that she lives by and that’s, “Faith Over Fear. Never Give In and Never Give Up”. Despite her traumatic losses and everyday life struggles of being a single mom with twins she continues to strive for greatness and success. She hopes to be not only an inspiration to all those who follow her but a reminder that with God and unshakable faith you can achieve more than a dream. 

September 22th 8PM Eastern

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