"Genesis 1:16 ", spokenword album by Mr. Wispers is now on sale!

Welcome to Your Oral Diction I'll be covering for our original host ,"Poetess April J Armstrong" and I'm Mr Wispers from "The Flame Within" .

We have a special debut of my new album entitled Genesis 1:16 all purchase links wi be provided on the #Blacklovepoetryseries network.

On MLK bday 01/18/21 8p Eastern standard time dail (516) 666-9808 if you want to join the listening snippets and some full tracks .

If you happen to miss this by any reason the playback will be available on #Www.blacklovepoetryseries.com #Rokutv #Spodify #IheartRadio #YouTube

#IG #tiktoKclips

Its going down people on #blacklovepoetryseries network where black love is all love

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