Flammable topic "Open Marriages"

Tonight on the Black Love Poetry Series Network - Where Black Love is all Love....The Chocolate Nation's Barbershop is open to trim your thoughts, spa pampering for the body and poetry for the mind and soul! Come through and get Flammable with the fellas...

Wednesday, July 22nd at 8 pm EST

Join the Baritones of Blog Radio, Mr. Wispers and his Partner N Rhyme, poetic shock jock himself, Aquil Ali the Soul Poet

As they dive into the topic: "Open Marriages"

Ladies, now is the time to weigh in on what we know against what they think - call in and ask those questions you really want to know the answers to! Hear it from the male perspective and see what they are talking about! Gentlemen, call in and chop it up with the Brothers.

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Barbershop line 516.666.9808 PRESS #1 to Burn The Mic

DON'T FORGET TO EMAIL YOUR FLAMMABLE LETTERS TO blacklovepoetryseries@gmail.com, subject line: flammable letter

For those questions you don't want to ask on the air or situations you wanna hear a male answer to but don't want to do it out loud

Only on Black Love Poetry Series Network - Where Black Love is all Love

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Here's the replay link


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