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Updated: May 4, 2020

Black Love Poetry Series is a page celebrating everything we hold dear - love, family, friends, health, beauty - all through the poetic arts.

Be Seen.

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Where Black Love is all Love....


Black Love Poetry Series Network current weekly line-up....

The Pick-A-Poet Showcase

Hosted by Poetic Prettywings and Vee Jay, 7pm EST, 8pm CST, is family-friendly open mic poetry show also spotlighting the BLPS page “Pick-A-Poet” campaign

Archived Shows:

3.1.20 http://tobtr.com/11677005

3.8.20 http://tobtr.com/11688994

3.15.20 http://tobtr.com/11690560

3.22.20 http://tobtr.com/11695558 - Mahogany Brickhouse & Passhaunate

3.29.20 http://tobtr.com/11702585 - Poets Meadows and Cynthia Rubio

4.5.20 http://tobtr.com/11705844 - Gena Storm & Brenda Gonzalez

4.12.20 http://tobtr.com/11711290 - Fuli & Jay B. Rhythm

4.19.20 http://tobtr.com/11717406 - Tina Wolfe and Poetess April J

4.26.20 http://tobtr.com/11723646 - BornToWrite and Mo'Poetry


Your Oral Diktion

Hosted by Poetess April J Armstrong, 8pm EST, 9pm CST, is a platform where an author’s written word is orally heard. A show for literary interviews and spotlighting the dopiest underground music artists

Archived Shows:

3.2.20 http://tobtr.com/11680004 - Award winning and best selling author KK Harris

3.9.20 http://tobtr.com/11686908 - Best selling author Morrocco Steele and Author DN Miller

3.16.20 http://tobtr.com/11691118 - Author Nita Washington and Author Can'Di

3.23.20 http://tobtr.com/11696714 - Author Cynnamon Brown and award winning author Edwina Fort

3.30.20 http://tobtr.com/11702054 - ATL Book Club Babes and Night Angel Xodus

4.6.20 http://tobtr.com/11705854 - Michael Holmes

4.13.20 http://tobtr.com/11710206 - Sunshine Rodgers & R.K. Renton

4.20.20 http://tobtr.com/11715059 - K. Reshay

4.27.20 http://tobtr.com/11720995 - Muhsin Thornton and Sonja B


The Aquil Ali Show

Hosted by poetic shock jock Aquil Ali, a "Respect My Artform" showcase of entertainers and various art forms in music, comedy, and poetry.

Archived Shows:

3.3.20 http://tobtr.com/11678186 - s.P. The Writer

3.10.20 http://tobtr.com/11690276 - TruSista the Cashew Bussa

3.17.20 http://tobtr.com/11695555 - Ambition ThePoet Harper

3.24.20 http://tobtr.com/11698231- BlackDiamond

3.31.20 http://tobtr.com/11702214 - DaHje the Anomaly

4.7.20 http://tobtr.com/11709334 - Ms. Dalia22

4.14.20 http://tobtr.com/11712427 - Poet Crucial & Singer Aziza Nailah

4.21.20 http://tobtr.com/11719288 - Ms. Carter The Poet

4.28.20 http://tobtr.com/11723818 - Derek James


The Flame Within

Hosted by Mr. Wispers, 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST, is a male discussion panel through conversation and poetry.

Archived Shows:

3.11.20 http://tobtr.com/11678176

3.18.20 http://tobtr.com/11695557 - TOPIC: Domestic Violence from a Male POV

3.25.20 http://tobtr.com/11698227

4.1.20 http://tobtr.com/11702966 - Love Undone

4.8.20 http://tobtr.com/11707153 - Love Undone Part Two

4.15.20 http://tobtr.com/11711335 - When Do Good Women Cheat

4.22.20 http://tobtr.com/11719281 - Besides Sex What Else to Offer A Man

4.29.20 http://tobtr.com/11723823 - Friendzone: Poss Purgatory for Soulmate?


The Beautiful Soul Kafe

Hosted by Beau Ward, The Beautiful Poet, 7pm EST, 6 pm CST, a platform for poets and neo-soul artists to express themselves openly and freely to edify the world.

Archived Shows:

3.19.20 http://tobtr.com/11678171

3.26.20 http://tobtr.com/11698232 - SinSear Sincere

4.2.20 http://tobtr.com/11702971 - Ken Warner

4.16.20 http://tobtr.com/11713727 - Pamela RareEpiphany Best

4.23.20 http://tobtr.com/11719277 - Fitzgerald The Poet

4.30.20 http://tobtr.com/11723835 - Georgia Me


Soulful X-Pressions

Hosted by King Chongo and Jax da Kween, 9pm EST, 6pm CST, a platform f for poetry, discussion and music - come experience the poetic international flair discussing real world issues.

Archived Shows:

4.3.20 http://tobtr.com/11702979

4.17.20 http://tobtr.com/11723842


TEASE: Erotic Poetry Playground

Hosted by Chocolate

Archived Shows:

3.5.20 http://tobtr.com/11685669 - ft Passhaunate The Poet

4.10.20 http://tobtr.com/11709088 - ft Poetess April J Armstrong

4.24.20 http://tobtr.com/11719292 ft Tina ATL

Special Edition Shows

4.25.20 http://tobtr.com/11722274

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