Barbados born and Brooklyn, New York bred EMPRESS POETRY

Black Love Poetry Series welcomes you to Chocolate Nation's Library Of Naughty and Nice Reads. 

Your Oral Diktion, with CEO/Host Poetess April J Armstrong, the Golden Voiced Intellectual welcomes Activist, Author & Poet EMPRESS POETRY.

Brief Bio: Meet performance artist, poetic activist, author, motivational speaker and mother EMPRESS POETRY. Barbados born and Brooklyn, New York bred; this culturally rich and diverse combo gives her a creatively unique edged color palate and a horizon- wide canvas. EMPRESS POETRY cleverly weaves language and molds character through the power of the pen. Her signature performance poetry captures the delicate intricacies of life. These natural, God-given creative abilities were evident early on. Today, EMPRESS dynamically brings uplifting messages of self-discovery, empowerment, and healing through her God given gift of writing poetry and prose to every onstage/offstage encounter. As author of Impressions of a Poet, Footnotes of My Journey©2011 and Water Into Wine; A Part of the Journey©2015 she has documented some of her life lessons through prose. Her best assignment is her daughter, who she credits as her best POEM. With God as her guide, Empress keeps confidence in her stride as she stomps in her PURPOSE. 

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