Baltimore Raised, the One and the Only MILK "Greatness In The Flesh"

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As we at The Beautiful Soul Kafe continue our month long celebration of HIM, HE ,MALE, KING, MAN with our final show for the month.

The Village has come out to show their support as we've some of The Most Dopest Male Poets (Ollie Woods, Steaven Misher, Derrick Abyss Graham). We've also had some AMAZING SPECIAL GUEST and SPOTLIGHT GUEST to stand on The Kafe's stage behind The Gold Retro Microphone to bless us with their words. We will end the month just as DYNAMIC as we begin month long celebration with a Brother who is the host of YeahThis Milk on Youtube, "Com Get Some" 3rd Saturday at Kat’s Cafe, "Free Friday’s" 4th Friday, published author of “Young, Arrogant & Invincible” and “I apologize” , GANSPA Choice Award and ATL’s Hottest Award Nominee, 2nd seadon of Wordplay on the BOPTV network appearing, V103’s own Joyce Littel’s Erotic Poetry Finalist, Baltimore Raised, the One and the Only MILK "Greatness In The Flesh" (Marshall Cullins).

The spotlighted artist for the evening will be 3 AMAZING Poets from The Black Love Poetry Series Family April J Armstrong, Aquil Ali, Vee Jay delivering their tribute and take to the death Emmett Till with a PHENOMENAL collaboration.

We are asking ALL of YOU who are Poets, Neo-Soul Singers, Lovers of The Art and Lovers of US (men) to please tune in this Thursday June 25th from 7pm-9pm EST on Blogtakradio.com or call in at 516-666-9808 press 1 to talk.

Only on The Black Love Poetry Series Network your Spokenword Network where Black Love Is All Love.

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