B.L.P.S. Welcomes you to the ANTI-BATTLE!

Black Love Poetry Series Network The Anti-Battle October 14th 8PM EASTERN

This is a contest of lyrical content. It's a labor of love to heal our own demons. Can you uplift another? Does your poetic pen reflect your triumphs over your trauma? Maybe just maybe you're an Anti-Battle wordsmith too! Join us as we unleash this incredible platform. Each lyricists will enter into three rounds of competition.

Round 1 is the uplifting round. Focus on the goodness in the next man. Encourage by using inspirational words to highlight positive attributes about your opponent.

Round 2 Speak thru him may your words edify him. Speak beyond your opponent so that the people in the back can grasp your offered knowleedge. In other words school him!

Round 3 Testify your pain that you've endured Express your journey thru your poetic piece. Transparency is the key to win the judges score. How did you really overcame trauma?

3 Judges will judge the Anti-Battle on a 10pt must system

1) Judge Fact Checker 2) Judge of Performance 3) Judge of Authenticity

TKO if an opponent loses his/her message and begins to spew negativity for malicious reasons. Boasting about yourself is allowed.

KO If an contestant has no response for the round. Lost for words in a contest. Written pieces are allowed

Cursing is allowed (unless specified) No reading of pieces must be recited Absolutely no biting! Famous quotes are allowed. May God bless our pieces for peace!

Dial 516-666-9808 to cypher with this queen! Tune in blogtalkradio.com

Check out facebook live to watch the RokuTv taping of this incredible event! Replayed audio Iheartradio, Spotify

To be apart of the virtual live studio audience RSVP: blacklovepoetryseries@gmail.com To receive Zoom credentials

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