Author, Inventor, Cartoonist Troy Walker of Bob Spongee vs SpongeBob

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featuring Author, Inventor, Cartoonist Troy Walker

Brief bio: Troy Walker is an American cartoonist, creative producer, and Inventor, most famous for his Nickelodeon Sponge War over the creative Genesis of Animated cartoon character; Spongebob Squarepants. His creative and controversial history dates back to the early 90’s when as a young undiscovered artist, he peddled his Bob Spongee, the Unemployed Sponge comic novelty on the streets of California. His oddball creation was a homemade craft that he manufactured from his parents kitchen table, and almost a decade before Stephen Hillenburg an ocean biologist and animator, would sell the concept for Spongebob to Nickelodeon.

Special guest: Carla B. Boone, President/CEO of Holla Back Records

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