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The Hyacinth Herbal Soap Bar recipe targets many conditions.

The newest formula is our Black Calendula & Patchouli bar, great for all skin types. The many benefits include... *soothing to irritated skin; natural moisturizer *prevents razor burns; fights acne *ideal for rosacea, eczema & other dry skin conditions *minimizes scars & stretch marks; improves skin texture

The botanical Calendula helps to reduce inflammation, promote cell repair and treats anywhere from acne to wounds in the healing process.

A new addition is pieces of a new Loofah. This will allow you to exfoliate each time you bathe, removing dead skin cells and leaving a fresh radiant layer of new skin.

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https://www.etsy.com/AjazEssentialzStore/listing/751458904/hyacinth-herbal-soap-bar?utm_source=Copy&utm_medium=ListingManager&utm_campaign=Share&utm_term=so.lmsm&share_time=1598454728277 Proud sponsor of Black Love Poetry Series, Where Black Love is all Love #ajazessentialz #blacklovepoetryseries #blackpoetry #naturalproducts #herbalremedies

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