"A Glass Mirror" by Poetess April J Armstrong

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

"A Glass Mirror" is Poetess April J Armstrong's first collection of poetry. A transparent but reflective TRUTH - her poetry is raw, real, relatable and sexy. Sharing experiences of pain, pleasure, loss, family, erotica, and love, "A Glass Mirror" is her first step outside the walls she has built to reach just one person with her simplistic yet rhythmic style. Reviewed as "Grown Folks Conversation," and "...bringing back that Love Jones Vibe," Poetess April J Armstrong is looking to revive the original form of R.A.P. - Rhythm And Poetry. Her poems are said to hit you in all the right places.......a great short read that draws you into her world. I invite you to follow the beginning of this journey into me - my poetry, in "A Glass Mirror."

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